Friday, March 16, 2012

Samsung Captivate - Reduces your STRESS by switching itself OFF for no good reason...

My Samsung Captivate Galaxy S (sounds like a spacecraft huh?) has a new and annoying common problem.
Almost as if unable to stand the pressures of life on the cellular network, it turns itself off just for fun. WHY?

Samsung won't replace it - My cell company won't fix it (AT&T) and I am stuck with a phone that is probably off right now. Ieven have an app someone wrote called "Captivate keep alive" that is designed to prevent this. Only helps a little and then uses MORE battery power.....

Don't like phones anyway. Leave the b&*%$y thing off - I really could not care less. So I miss the Queen calling me for my knighthood, she probably has an iphone anyway.

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